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Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

Based on reviews

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja


Remove Obstacles in Life, Better Health, Klesha Shanti

  • Guruwar Thursday
  • Shukrawar
  • Somwar

When Rahu and Ketu cover all the palnets in the kundali the Rahu becomes the face of the snake and Ketu become tail of the snake.
Then the combination of planets creates a terrific yoga known as Kaal Sarpa has a very negative and harmful effect than other yogas.
Those who have these dosha in their horoscope have to suffer and many times they achieve a great height in their career and suddenly fall.

             Person is always feared and is having a feeling of insecurity and remains in tension.
We should remove this deadly dosha by performing special prayer to lord shiva an any of his jyotilinga like Trimbakeshwar, Rameshwaram, and Kasha vishwara and Nine More.

We do perform this puja on behalf of our clients and the cost of this prayer is Rs.- 51,000/-

Therefore you can contact our office at

Tel : + 91 - 22 – 26733297

Mobile no:   + 91 0989 2755 373

Email :

Consulting fee for phone and email services will be same for all countries and locations clients.

Rates mentioned above for Vedic Puja, Hawan and Homa of services rendered in Mumbai, India. Some Prayers and Puja can be performed by our Pandits on behalf of client where we do not require client present. Clients who cannot come to Mumbai and looking for personal services out of Mumbai need to provide travel & accommodation arrangement or pay extra cost as per actual. Contact our support team to know more about that.

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Panditji, we all salute your art of hundred percent correct predictions . Especially the MP , which I remember, you had said that it would be tight finish. We pray that you keep making such predictions for years to come. May god give you still higher wisdom for accurate predictions.

Bhushan Sahani