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Wearing Stones & Gems

Wearing Stones & Gems Wearing Stones Gems
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Wearing Stones & Gems


Astrological Advice For Wearing Stones & Gems based on your horoscope

Precious Stones and Numbers : Wearing Precious Stones & Gems

The correct procedure for wearing a jewel is explained here, and this should be followed. The stone or the gem should be worn in a way that a part of the surface touches the skin and the other is exposed to the atmosphere. The jewel may be studded in a ring, in such a way that the lower surface touches the skin and the upper side is open, to attract the radiation from the atmosphere. Women and girls may wear the jewel as a pendant so that the lower surface touches the skin and the upper surface is open. Any part of clothing covering the pendant does not mitigate the good effect.
A word of caution here: any gem, precious stone or jewel should be initially worn for a three-day trial period. If its beneficial effect is evident, it may be worn permanently. If during the trial period of three days, the jewel shows some untoward or adverse effect, it should be discarded at once, and another piece tried in a similar manner after a few days.  

The blue sapphire, the cat's eye and gomed are very potent- both for their beneficial effect and their adverse influence and, therefore, must be worn only after a period of trial. The pearl, on the other hand, does not need a trial. It always has a beneficial effect. The coral, emerald, ruby, diamond, and yellow sapphire are generally beneficial, but it is still recommended that they be worn permanently only after a trial. One point needs further clarification. Suppose you try wearing a blue sapphire,and find that instead of a happy event or good news ensuing during the three days of trial, you receive bad news or perturbing, agitating or disturbing developments take place- this would imply that the particular piece of blue sapphire does not suit you. You should, therefore, return it to the jeweler immediately, without waiting for the three-day trial period to be over.
This does not, however, mean that a blue sapphire does not suit you. It only means that that particular piece of blue sapphire does not suit you. You should, therefore, try another piece of blue sapphire after a few days.
In order to bestow a totally good effect, a gem should be without a spot, crack or any other blemish. The gem should be real and natural, and cultured or artificial.
The metals for each sector, as recommended above, must be worn next to the skin. An iron ring made out of a (i) nail from the bottom of a boat, which has been in water for over ten years or (ii) out of the shoe of a black horse, has been found very paralysis; annihilates enemies and brings good luck.

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