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Colors & Jewels

Colors Jewels Colors  Jewels
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Colors & Jewels


Astrological Advice For Colors & Jewels based on your horoscope

The table on the following pages gives the colours, jewels and metals which are in harmony with the numbers based on birth dates. Flowers for any of these numbers should be of the same colour as the color recommended for that particular number.

Number Ruled by Planet  Colours Jewels Metals
1 sun White,Golden,Yellow  Topaz, Amber, Ruby Copper
2 Moon Yellow, Cream Moonstone, Pearl Platinum
3 Jupiter Violet, Blue, Mauve, Rose (Pink), Purple Amethyst, YellowSapphire Gold
4 Sun Orange, Rubby Gold, Gray  Yellow Sapphire ,Ruby Copper
5 Mercury Indigo, Light Blue, White, Light Green Diamond, Emerald Gold
6 Venus Pale Blue, Pink, Turquoise Turquoise, Emerald, Diamond Platinum
7 Moon Silver, Opal, PaleYellow, Light green Moonstone, Pearl, Cat's eye Platinum
8 Saturn Black, Deep Brown Blue Sapphire, BlackPearl, Amethyst Iron, Lead
9 Mars Red, Crimson, Rosy(Pink) Ruby, Garnet, Coral Bloodstone Copper

Consulting fee for phone and email services will be same for all countries and locations clients.

Rates mentioned above for Vedic Puja, Hawan and Homa of services rendered in Mumbai, India. Some Prayers and Puja can be performed by our Pandits on behalf of client where we do not require client present. Clients who cannot come to Mumbai and looking for personal services out of Mumbai need to provide travel & accommodation arrangement or pay extra cost as per actual. Contact our support team to know more about that.

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Poojneeya Gurujinchya shree charni vandan. Ya kalyugat satwik, mahagyani Bhavishyakar. Rajmantra ya Live Program dware Rajyatil va Deshatil jo koni shishya Panditjinchya samparkat aala asel to kharokharach khup Bhagyashali aahe. Aani Aaplya jeevnatlya anek prashnanvar atyant sahajyogane to paripurna jhala asel yaat tilmatra shanka nahi. ha laabh mazya jeevnat labhla tyabaddal mi shatashha runi aahe. Guruvina Shishya adhura sadaiva. Guruchya charni vandan - 1/3/2016

Sudhakar Bhalerao