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Astrology advice for Marriage &Love Life

The Properties of Precious Stones & Gems : Aquamarine - Draws affectionate feelings from others if worn in earrings.

Gemstones are the most natural means of transmitting colour waves to your body. They encourage the transmission of pure colour, and can be worn permanently, thus ensuring a constant influence. Thus when wearing a gemstone, care should be taken to insure that it is kept in constant contact with the skin, and it should not be removed. If wrongly worn, the stones may even have an adverse reaction on your health. So wear it according to the advice of astrologer.

Planets radiate their energy and influence through colour. The astrological powers of gemstones are derived from the special cosmic influences of their associated ruling planets. But stone will benefit only if it is worn according to your horoscope otherwise not. By taking the advice of the astrologers and wear the suitable gem get the positive powers.

Consulting fee for phone and email services will be same for all countries and locations clients.

Rates mentioned above for Vedic Puja, Hawan and Homa of services rendered in Mumbai, India. Some Prayers and Puja can be performed by our Pandits on behalf of client where we do not require client present. Clients who cannot come to Mumbai and looking for personal services out of Mumbai need to provide travel & accommodation arrangement or pay extra cost as per actual. Contact our support team to know more about that.

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I am truly blessed that I came in contact with you in 2011and my life changed for better within 6 months. I know I am a very small person and I am also not too wealthy but still. We have been treated always like a celebrity (as I know there are celebrities and top political who are your client sir) That is something which very humble on your part sir, that people like us also get the opportunity to meet you in person and able to get a chance to change the lives for better / prosperous for ever. - Date : 6/12/2011

Mukesh Kumar Raut