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Special Lord Ganesha yantras

Special Lord Ganesha yantras Special Lord Ganesha yantras
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Special Lord Ganesha yantras


Education ,Remove Obstacles, Intelligence & Memory Enhancement

  • Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturth
  • Ganesh Visarjan or Immersion

Sankata Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is the deity associated with the planet Ketu. As Ketu is the spiritual power in one’s chart, Ganesha represents divine light and wisdom. He has divine intelligence and manifests himself near your umbilical area. Ganesha has special days every month on which he destroys obstacles. This day is called 'Sankata Chaturthi' or 'Obstacle Removing 4th Waning Moon'. The energies on this day are conducive for elimination of evil eye and delays to ventures. This day falls on June 11th.

Lord Ganesha gives a promising start to all ventures be it a new business, buying or selling residence or even opening a bank account. It is an unspoken truth in Vedic tradition that without Ganesha it is difficult to have a smooth start to ventures. He is worshipped widely across many religions and is the only God to have that status.

Assessing the energy of Ganesha is considered the first and most basic step that you need to perfect before you aspire for higher realms. This is because progress to higher levels of spiritual refinement without sealing off the lower realms could be tricky. As they say, the higher you go the steeper your fall, is very true for spiritual aspirants as well. You need to ensure that you have Lord Ganesha's blessings before you go ahead with any of your activity be it spiritual or material.

Ganesha and His Relevance to Your Material and Spiritual Life

Ganesha is said to lord over five powers or shaktis which every human being should strive to master. As you master each of this shakti's, your divinity levels increase and your positive vibratory rates increase directly reflecting a positive aura.

The first shakti relates to harmonious living with your partner or spouse, the second power being friendly and happy co-existence with your extended family, the third power being extending the same love to the general public. The fourth power relates to the outpouring of intuitive mind when you practice the first three powers well. This also extends to respect and devotion to your ancestor's and positive community participation. The fifth power relates to being able to help with charity related activities and is a direct outcome of following the first four powers well. You accumulate abundant merit when you practice the fifth power.

The sixth shakti and beyond is linked to Lord Muruga and Lord Siva worship. So your progress is phased and controlled by Lord Ganesha to make sure that you don't fall hard, if you really have to. You can tide over obstacles that you felt could never have been overcome, when Lord Ganesha blesses you.

How to Overcome Obstacles?

Astroved is organizing special Ganesha rituals on June 11th that will help you to get his grace and move to higher realms of material and spiritual refinement. Shattering coconuts is a spiritual technology. The coconut energetically absorbs your lower vibrations. When it is smashed, the energy holding back your progress is forcefully disseminated. When done on Lord Ganesha’s 4th Waning Moon, the obstacle removing power is amplified manifold.

Special shattering ceremony will be done for individuals, families and business organizations to remove obstacles and ensure their progress. This will be done in a special temple by name Thiruvalanchuzhi near Chennai. This temple is blessed with abundant spiritual sanctity that ensures that your obstacles will indeed be blown off. Special Lord Ganesha yantras will also be energized on the occasion of Sankata Chaturthi.

Consulting fee for phone and email services will be same for all countries and locations clients.

Rates mentioned above for Vedic Puja, Hawan and Homa of services rendered in Mumbai, India. Some Prayers and Puja can be performed by our Pandits on behalf of client where we do not require client present. Clients who cannot come to Mumbai and looking for personal services out of Mumbai need to provide travel & accommodation arrangement or pay extra cost as per actual. Contact our support team to know more about that.

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