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You cannot climb higher in other areas of your life if your health doesn't support you. The lifestyle these days is so stressful; even after taking care of your health; you don't know when you can get caught with a life-threatening disease. Life insurance is necessary but healing is more important. Panditji has healed many critical illnesses with his “BeecjMantraUpchar”.
If you are suffering from any illness? Meet Panditji and he will help you by healing your illness also will guide to take precautions so that you shine bright in all the areas of life.

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Read what clients have to say about Panditji’s contribution in transforming their lives.

" This is our 10th year since when I am in touch with Panditji. And for me and Sapna it always felt like Panditji’s divine blessing is always with us wherever we go and whatever we do. Whenever we feel directionless or surrounded by troubles we simply head for Panditji blessings and we never got disappointed. "For me & my small family he is like a Guiding Star and we always count on his blessings”. "Panditji ko Koti-Koti Pranam”"
Mukesh Kumar Raut & Sapna Mukesh Kumar
" The experience with Raj Kumar Sir was amazing. I was fully stressed out and positive. I started to see my life with new hopes. The conversation with Panditji was very cheerful and felt like it should never end. Hoping to meet Panditji and again and again throughout my life."
Rathin Kulkarni - 9-8-19
" Amhi aaj gurujinna bhetlo tyanni puresa vel deun sarv shanka samadhan karak uttarit kelya, ya purvihi aamhi tyancha salla ghetlele ahe va tyanni sangitlyapramanech sarv ghatna ghadat gelyat, tuanchya margdarshanamule pudhil vatchal sukhkar hotoy. Tyasathi gurujinche khup aabhar. Parmeshwar tyanche bhale karo. Jai gurudev"
Mrs sandhya giri (pune)
" Me guruji raj Kumar Sharma tyanna 17/8/2019 ya divashi bhetlyanantar tyanni je mala maza problem che nivaran kele va tyatun me santushta hi zalo. Tyancha bhavishyanivar maza purn bharosa basla karan tyanni maze bhutkal ani bhavishya kal sarv sangitle, tari me gurujinche khup aabhari ahe 9028158265"
Pramod palaskar ( nasik)
" Bhet zalyanantar khupach anand zala. Donhi mulanchi kundali aikun samadhan zale"
S A Shinde
" Me sarv pratham gurujinna bhetlo. Bhetlyanantar khup samadhan zale"
Nilesh bhosale
" Namaskar Panditji Your predictions are par excellence I watch this programme on Jai Maharashtra Channel without fail . The accuracy is 99% Please Panditji what is your prediction of U S A Presidential election? Hopefully it will b predicted by you soon I bow down at your feet. Date -1st November, 2016"
Ameeta Rohira
" Ganpati Bapa Morya... Panditji your prediction about me came true and that to on exact date 1/6/17."
Ameet Mantrii
" We have been coming here for last few years and so far whatever Panditji predictions have mentioned has come true. We are very happy with our experience. 30th August 2018"
Ameet Mantri
" I really liked the confidence in your prediction. I hope it come true. I also believe in your words and also wish you all the very best. Date : 8/9/2005"
" Thank you for your email. I found it very helpful. I wonder if I can ask for clarification on a few things? You mention quite rightly that my love life has been volatile & there could be divorce or heart break. Is this possible divorce or heartbreak to come in the future? If so, are you able to say when? The yearly horoscope mention several period which are good for romance. I am currently single & wonder if you think I will meet someone or get married this year? In fact do you think I will ever get married-if so when? Thank you for answering these question"
" Namastey guruji It was the day of 10th April 2007 you had made a prediction of me becoming a doctor though I have just began studying medicine just one year but this shows how your predictions are accurate at that time I didn't believe that would happen but it had began thanks it's just too good so amazing intricate ..."
Akshita Jain
" Hame Panditji se milke bahot acha laga. Bahot acha margdarshan kiya unone jo problems they hame unke paryay diye unone hame unka nivaran kiya. ( 21st December 2018 )"
Akshata Satav
" Hi I am Ajit Nayak from koperkhairane Mumbai today I met Pandit R K Sharma and I am feeling great after met to him because he is one of great astrologer I have ever seen he is a good adviser he saw me the right way to improve my future I hope my Al problem and negative will be clear in shortly thank you panditji"
Ajit Nayak
" Seems live blessing from God. 8th April, 2017 "
Ajit Kumar
" It is a god given gift to u panditji from mataraniji n sainathji"
Ajesh Kapoor
" I am Ajay Sharma from Delhi I meet Guruji and i am so blessed with his blessing he is like mentor very good energy. Thank you guruji 20 April, 2017"
Ajay Sharma
" Respected Panditji Thank you very much for your precious time and guidance you blessed me and my family. You are a god gift for generation. Thank you so much for your blessings. 3rd July 2018"
Ajay Sharma
" Feeling Blessed !!! No words to express. Great talks and wonderful experience. 12th August, 2016"
Ajay Dalvi
" We both feel happy and tension free when we meet at Guruji. Thank you, Guruji 18th June 2019"
Aishwarrya Shekhar Parab
" I am watching all these program really predictive nice one."
" Thank you so much. Respected Ptji. For you kind support and humble guide line. I am going from hear with lots of peace and felling blessed . You are such a great and nice helping personality. Wish you all the best Thank You 1st November, 2017"
Agam Raman
" This is a great feeling that my brother‘s all prediction have come true"
Advocate Makarand Adkar-- Supreme Court.
" Doesn't hit around the bush. Very insightful experience. He is like father to me. Very Positive.Explains very well and accurate advice's. Always willing to help. Thank you so much. 20th January, 2018"
Aditi Tanna
" Thank you for taking out your time for my father and I. We had an amazing experience and hope to visit again. We are grateful for your blessings. 18/04/2019"
Aditi Pokharkar
" I visited to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma Sir in the months of January. I was facing job problem. He guided me and predicted the date of my job. I was shocked about the prediction and it was too correct as they predicted. I am thankful to sir Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma for his help. He is the best Astrology in world.-Date: 30/4/2015"
" Panditji is not only a Guru but for me, he is my father amazing really great. I now actually my life is started thank you very much Guruji May God Bless You and fulfill everything. You're lovingly 26/07/2019"
Abhishek Ghogale
" It was a very nice experience meeting sir. He predicted many things which were have and guided us in a very nice way. - 23/3/2016"
Abhinav Sharma
" Panditji is a very authoritative person in the filed of astrology. His past analysis was perfect. He is the best astrologer i have been till date . 8 August, 2017"
Abhijit Joshi
" God Trust & Best Astrologer is very imp. in life....!!! Pt. R. K. Sharma is guideline for everyone's life. Thank you panditji. All the best. Kind Regards. -- 4/4/2016"
Abhay Kumar
" It was a nice experience 24th November, 2017"
Aakash Godbole
" pandit ji the god the perfect reading the best personality at first visiting very relax and get positive directive 14th November 2016"
Vishnu Doshi
" Panditji have some divine power. His predictions always come true. Whenever I meet him or spoke to him get energy and positivity. He is very polite and soft spoken also and gives positivity that also encourages. I have met so many astrology but his is special. God Bless him 22/12/2018"
Vishal Beswal
" Aadaraneey Gurujee pranaam kal aapase milakar bahot khushee milee! aapane kiya hua anamol maargadarshan evan mujhamen badhaaya hua aatmavishvaas mujhe jaroor kaamayaabee dega! Aapane mera hausala or ummeed badhaee hai! Aapaka aashirvaad hamesha praapt hota rahe yaheen eeshrvar se dilase meree praarthana hai!!! Aapaka bahot bahot dhanyavaad gurujee!!! Vishaakha Sandip Gaikwad Pune."
Vishaakha sandip gaayakavaad
" Hello Panditji!!! I and my family just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your several predictions lately that have come to fruitation. Staying in US we don't get to see your show on air but due to your staff and internet we get to watch your show. It's surprising and unbelievable how accurate you are about the market and the elections. Just hoping the predictions you've made for me and my family happens as well. Keeping the hope and faith. Once again congratulations and keep up the good work. Dated 3 Nov 2015"
Shweta Patel from USA
" It was a great experience meeting him. He gave us total time and we were relieved of our tensions by just talking to him. He has suggested us some things which we will definitely do and follow him all our life. 03/12/2018"
Mr. Anil Garg
" It has been God’s will by virtue of which I met Shree Panditji and there came the voice of Shree Bhagwan Kalki that now onwards Panditji will be your charioteer as he is for many. Believe me I have nominated him. You must believe that he represents me for you and others too. I am form less but I have appeared here in the form Kalki and I am so happy with him since he talks to me every day and I know him and his existence for the good so many lives. Date : 2/5/2005 personal loans with a low credit score"
l. T. Thakker
" I am very rhankful to guruji. He predict me for divorce case. today on Thursday I get divorce .now I want to ask you about my future such as financial status .when my good time come. and can he give me money as he promised under court order. should I live by muself. Again thankyou so much for give me moral support, 11th November 2016"
Jigna Patel ( USA )
" Today you were so clear in your words, keep it up. Good work. I enjoyed your programme. I am a very straightforward lady. I dont have many friends , I dont care but I will alway be frank and true. I am watching your program from UAE."
" After meeting panditji I felt very peaceful and happy. 25/10/2018"
Mrs Sandhya Shinde
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