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Useful information under Know more on Vastu Shastra

 Feng Shui v/s Vaastu Shastra

The globalization wave ensured everything from footwear to dresses to TV programs was made available to Indian homes from foreign countries.

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 History of Vastu

Vastu originated in India during the Vedic Civilization, which some scholars believe flourished as early as 6000 B.C.

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 How to Improve Feng Shui In The Home

Improving Feng Shui in the home need not be an expensive process. Very often we do not need to pay practitioners to get the benefits of good Feng Shui.

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 The Origin of Vastu

The origin of Vaastu Shastra may have taken place well over thousands of years ago.

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 Vaastu –Ancient Shastra (Science)

4 directions of this Universe create Positive & Negative energies.

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 Vastu Shastra

Vastushastra is a Sanskrit word (the most ancient and original language of the Hindus). Vastu means dwelling and Shastra mean treatise or book.

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 Designing a home using Vastu Shastra

Designing a home using Vastu Shastra

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Adbhut, Anubhuti, Guruji mhanje shakshat daivatwacha avishkar aahet. prasna, aanandi aani hasmukh panditjincha samor gelyavar aapna eka adbhut yougat aalyache janiv hote. tyancha mukhatun baher padnara pratek shabd ateshay tham pane jivan jagnyace kala va preraadai asto. Panditjin cha darshanane prasanna jhalo aani pudhel jivnacha pravasachi urja milali. dhanya jhalo. 2 February, 2017

Rajendra Navse