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Useful information under Buddhism

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On the basis of the Sadhaks (one who practices spirituality), interest and authority there are 3 paths (Sadhana Marg) demarcated in Buddhism.

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A question is posed in the famous Mahayana sutra 'Aryagayashirsh': "O, Manjushri, how did the charya (inception of work) of the Bodhisattva begin? How did it get established and what are the reasons?

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What is the nature of a person who is a 'Bodhichitta' in thinking, conduct and what is his desire? Acharya Shantideva in Bodhichanjavatar says - "For those who are ailing and are diseased, I desire to be like the medicine and the doctor (Vaid) myself. Until he does not recuperate, I desire to serve him selflessly. I desire to quench everyone's thirst and satisfy everyone's hunger by distributing water and food when there is a famine. May all come in my refuge and accept food and water. May I become a limitless treasure for all in misery and penury. I shall be ready to offer all services when desired".

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According to Acharya Shantideva, if one has to create joy and eternal happiness in this world which is full of sorrow and misery, one shall have to see this earth as an entity and not as different countries and states with demarcated boundaries. One should see pain and misery with a universal point of view and should vociferously resent any classification. If one does not adhere to this ideology, we shall indulge in selfishness within our boundaries and in this process of acquiring happiness for us, we shall directly or indirectly inflict pain upon others.

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Nearly two and a half centuries back, Buddha gave his sermons which can be called as 'Mahavani' of humanism. Today, when entire human civilization is reeling under severe crises, it is imperative that we study these sermons with devotion.

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It was the attitude of the contemporary kings who were patronising Hinduism that led to the downfal of Buddhism. The attacks (invasions) of Vedic kings such as Chalukya Sudharma and of the foreign invasion by Hunas, Turks etc. also resulted in the decay of Buddhism. Besides all these, 'Vajrayan' ( the hardliner sect of Buddhism) also grew as a parasite on the host Buddhism.

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One can come across the ideals of Boddhisattva in the Jataka tales, which speak of the previous divine births of Gautama Buddha. Special emphasis has been given to the ideals and paradigms of Boddhisattva in the Mahayana sect of Buddhism. This has led to the establishment of the ideals of Boddhisattva as the ideals of humanism.

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