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 Sanskrit Grammar (vyakrana)

The form and the meaning of a sentence is subjected to the special characteristic of grammar and also the form of suffixes used in the respective language.... The literal meaning and the etymological meaning of the word Grammar is that science that analyses and studies the syntax and sentences. Grammar has been known as the mouth of the 'Veda Purush' (cosmic soul of the Vedas).

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Vedas are the oldest, the most authentic and the most sacred scriptures to understand the mysteries of nature. According to Maxmuller, a renowned German scholar of the Vedas, 'Vedas are oldest books in the library of the world.' To understand the meaning of these Vedas, our Rishis, Maharathis have categorised the Vedas into six parts. Astrology is one of them and considered as the sixth sense which helps one to see all the unseen objects and the future events of the world.

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Among all the literatures related with the 'Vedangs', 'Kalpa' holds a very prominent and primary place. 'Kalpa' means the scripture, which contains the systematic imagination of all the activities as described in the 'Vedas'. So the 'Kalpas' are the 'precept scriptures' which systematically describe about the various religious activities and ceremonies like 'Yagya' (oblation), marriage and sacred thread ceremony etc propounded by the Vedas.

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 Chhand Shastra

Chhand' is considered to be the fifth organ (feet of the Veda). Its knowledge is most essential for the correct pronunciation of the Vedic mantras.

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Among the six organs or divisions of the Vedas, 'Nirukta' (undeclared) is incomparable. Today, this very 'Nirukta' written by sage 'Yask' is the representative scripture of the 'Vedang' (organ of the Veda).

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 Vedic Education

The PratiShakhyas are some of the supplementary literature of the Vedas. PratiShakhyas are those texts, which discuss the pronunciation of syllables, the syntax and inflexions in different Vedas in detail. Different schools of thought came into existence which were founded by sages to come to a consensus in different tones of syllables and to perpetrate their thoughts and traditions.

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It is unbelievable as to how Panditji is able to pierce into the future. I was a non-believer in astrology till a few months back and till I heard about him. A very pleasant attractive personality and a friend who can guide you like a friend. I am very happy to be his friend. Date : 13/5/2005

Satish Kumar Gupta