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Useful information under Pandit Rajkumar Sharma

Pandit Rajkumar Sharma

personal loans with a low credit score


We Congratulate all our astro – club members that they have recovered their money & infact some of them have earned 20 % - 25 % on their fresh investment

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Saturn is still in Virgo & Mercury is changing on 6th Feb. 2010.Mars is going to remain in Cancer, Jupiter is going to be in Aquarius & Venus is changing into Aquarius.

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According to the present horoscope, ascendant is Leo & Saturn & Moon are in Leo & right opposite the Aquarius there’s Sun, Mercury & Mars.

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 Learn to Read Sanskrit in One Weekend

Sanskrit is the rich, vibrant language of the sacred texts of Yoga and Buddhism, and the mother of the world's languages. In this fun, experiential

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 Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma

Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is an internationally known as an astro-numerologist & gesture reader

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 The New Age Spirituality

The New Age Spirituality movement is very unique. There are many things about this type of spirituality that is very different from other spiritual groups. There is no central organization, holy text, creed, dogma, formal clergy or membership roles.

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I have visited Panditji in the year 2011, Panditji predicted me about my carrier, future and the most important prediction by Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma that I will be blessed with a baby after 9 years of our marriage and it has been come true.

Harish Asrani and Manasi Asrani