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Useful information under Other Festivals

 Amongmong festival

Amongmong festival iAmongmong2.jpgs observed in the first week of September.

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 Bada Osha

The festival of Bada Osha is primarily celebrated at the temple of Lord Mahadeva- Dhabaleswar. The temple is situated on an island in the river Mahanadi. The temple is located very close to the city of Cuttack, nearly 3Kms. Although the temple is always occupied by devotees, but on the Festival of Bada Osha, lakhs of tourists and devotees throng the place of worship to offerprayers.

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 Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year and is celebrated by the Sindhis all around the world.

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 Jamshedi Noruz 20th July 2010

As is typical of mythic hero-kings, Jamshid is also credited with the invention of most of the arts and sciences on which civilization is based

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 Jambheswar Fair

The Jambheswar fair is in honour of Jambheswari who is the founder of the Bishnoi sect. Every year two fairs are held in his honour on Phalgun Budi Amavasya and Ashivan Budi Amavasya in Mukm village in Bikaner district. Phalgun Budi Amavasya is the biggest fair.

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 July 1 to October 3

The following table gives the colours, jewels, flowers, and metals are in harmony with the birth dates based on th 36 decanates of the year. These are based on the western system of numerology.If you dislike the colour recommended, you may use it in your underclothing, and that will serve the purpose.

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 Kati Bihu

BIHU COMES THREE TIMES IN THE YEAR, AND MARKS THE change of seasons in the lush green hills and the valleys at the foothills of the Himalayas in Assam.Every home in Assam used to have a loom.

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 New Year Festival 2011

New Year's Day marks the end of one year and beginning of the other. New Year is celebrated by all countries that measure yearly calendars. Most countries across the globe follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate their New Year's Day on January 1. In several countries January 1 is a holiday. Grand bashes, balls and parades are organized to welcome the New Year and bid adieu to the old. New Year is celebrated by many cultures and countries around the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

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 Parsi New Year ( Pateti )

Navroj is the first day of the first month of the Zoroastrian year. "Struggle for good against Evil With Humata (good thoughts), Hukta (good words) and Havarshta (good deeds).

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 Puri Rath Yatra Festival

The Rath Yatra festival is based around the worship of Lord Jagannath On the second day of the Shukla Paksha

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 Thanksgiving Day 27th Nov 2008

The American customs of Thanksgiving orbit around a enormous and abundant meal, more often than not with Turkey as the attraction

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 The Three King Feast

Three Kings, who figure in the New Testament story as the Magi or Wise Men of the East. You will undoubtedly remember how these Wise Men were

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 Thirunakkara Arattu

The annual 10-day festival at the Thirunakkara Temple draws to a close with the Arattu ceremony. Usually nine caparisoned elephants take part

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 Jhulan Yatra.

Everyone is invited to take a turn swinging the swing as we sing songs glorifying the Lord and His incredibly sweet and loving pastimes

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