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Useful information under Yatra Yog

 Amarnath Yatra 2008

One of the most important events during July / August is Amarnath Yatra, the Holy Pilgrimage made in obeisance to the Lord Shiva.

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 Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatras and Pilgrimage

This is the festival commemorating the pastime in which the residents of Vrindavana take Krishna

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 Sacred Sound Journey

Come celebrate New Year's Eve in a blanket of sacred sound vibration! Scott & Shanti Medina and other musical guests will begin our evening with a lively ecstatic KIRTAN of devotional chant

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 Rath Yatra

The biggest and the grandest of all festivals, the highlight is the the sacred journey of images of lord jagannath of puri with brother balabhadra and sister subhadra from main temple to Gundicha Temple, where they remain for nine days. The mammoth wooden chariots carrying the three deities pulled by thousands of devotees present a spectacular scene. The yatra (journey) begins on the second day of the lunar month (asadha).

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I was Facing trouble for the last 8 to 10 years & there was lots of court cases in my family Sharmaji told me that this matter will get finished by june 2008 & his prediction has come true.