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About Panditji
Astrologer of every “Layman to Celebs”.
More About Panditji

Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is from an illustrious family of famous astrologers in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. He started learning astrology at the age of eight from his grand-uncle Pandit Dharamchand Jhingan (Sharma). Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma professionally entered the field of astrology in 1987.


Stars play a very big role; believe it or not, they affect magnetically our lives. Life is unpredictable but Panditji knows what is hidden in your current and future. Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma has given 100% accurate prediction till date for many Famous Celebs:-

  • Election 2014 & 2019 Narendra Modi would be elected Prime Minister of India.
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan would be blessed with a daughter (2011).
  • Barack Obama being elected as the US President (2008).
  • During the Maharashtra Assembly elections in November 2004, he had predicted that the Congress & Nationalist Congress Party would win with 140-145 seats & Vilasrao Deshmukh of Congress & R.R Patil of Nationalist Congress Party would become the Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra respectively.
  • During the Haryana Assembly elections in 2004, he had predicted that the Congress would return to power & Bhupendra Singh Hooda would become the Chief Minister of Haryana.
  • During the US elections in October 2004, he had predicted that Bush would be re-elected for the second time as the President of USA and John Kerry would be defeated in the elections.
  • During the United Kingdom elections, he had predicted that Prime Minister Tony Blair would be elected for the third time as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • During the German elections between Chancellor Schroeder & Angela Merkel, he had clearly predicted that there would be a tough competition between the two & it would be very difficult to draw the final judgment, but eventually, Angela Merkel would be elected as the first lady Chancellor of Deutschland.
  • He had predicted that people in Ulhasnagar would get a stay from the Supreme Court and there is no chance of houses being demolished or sealed in Ulhasnagar.
  • In the Cricket World Cup, he made several predictions, all of which came true. They are:
  • India would not be able to enter the Super-Eight.
  • Bangladesh’s win against India.
  • Australia’s win against Sri Lanka.
  • On November 2005, in a show called ‘Samvad’ on ETV, Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma had predicted that Sharad Pawar would become the Chairman of BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India).
  • Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma has been predicting Priyanka Gandhi Vadra would not enter active politics but would constantly help her brother and mother.
  • In the year 2006, Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma predicted that Karunanidhi would take over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • In Feb 2007, Pt. Raj Kumar Sharma's prediction on the elections in Punjab & Uttarakhand came true. He had predicted that Prakash Singh Badal would become the Chief Minister of Punjab and that the Akali Dal & BJP Alliance would defeat the Congress in Punjab.
  • He had also predicted that in Uttarakhand, BJP would win & Khanduri would become the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.
  • He accurately predicted the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the ouster of Gen Musharraf
  • In Jan 2008, Pt.Raj Kumar Sharma had made a prediction about the US elections that Mr.Barack Obama would win over all his opponents & will be sworn in as the next President of USA on 4th Nov 2008.
  • In 2009, he correctly and accurately predicted the general elections and the formation of the UPA govt.
  • His predictions on Saurav Ganguly not being the only captain in the KKR team, Mr. Lalit Modi being removed as the Chairman of IPL have been proven correct yet again. Nearly all the results of the IPL matches as predicted by him have been accurate.

Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma is globally renowned for his accurate financial,
political and sports astrological predictions.

Future Predictions
Past Predictions
Prediction on Raj Thackeray joining pre-poll alliance by Panditji
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Panditji's prediction if Robert Vadra will go to jail
Panditji's prediction on Priyanka Gandhi
Prediction on Vijay Mallya’s extradition by Panditji
  • Over 4 decades of Experience
  • He is equally well-known for his accurate share market predictions especially NYSE, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and BSE as well for commodities like gold, silver, and oil.
  • He writes articles on astrology, many of which have been published in various Indian newspapers Times of India, Navbharat Times, Mid-Day, Samna, Punjab Kesari and Jagbani, amongst others.
  • His writings have also been featured in the German magazines Die Telebörse and DM Euro.
  • He currently writes articles on astrology for the newspaper Navakal.
  • He has made several TV appearances in a number of news and special feature programmes on Indian TV channels some which are Doordarshan, Star Plus, Zee TV, Jai Maharashtra, Sahara Samay (‘Mahajyotish’), Lemon News (‘Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma ki Bhavishyavani’), Star News, Aaj Tak, IBN, India TV, ETV Marathi and TV9. At present, he appears in the TV series ‘Raj Mantra’ on Jai Maharashtra TV channel.
  • He has appeared in popular International Shows Sat.1 (Germany), Fox TV and Dutch TV.
  • He is one of the few astrologers to have been interviewed by the BBC.
  • His story has been documented in Reuters by Dave Graham.
  • He attended a two-day conference on Indian Astrology organized in December 2009 at New York City by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, USA (Institute of Indian Culture) and Hinduja Foundation.
  • Over the years, he has been receiving invitations from several business houses to conduct workshops, seminars, talk shows, and conferences not only on astrology but also on personality development for children.
  • Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma has been honored with the prestigious award Die Element- Rundi Deutch EV (Germany) for his accurate prediction of the Euro appreciation on 30 April 2002 and again in the year 2005.

Read what clients have to say about Panditji’s contribution in transforming their lives.

“ Namaskar guruji, as per your prediction for 2014 elections that you made 1 year ago narendra modi has convincingly won elections with majority. Not only that u also predicted that shivsena –BJP alliance Will triumph in Mumbai and will get major win expect 1 seat. ”
Mr. Haresh oza
“ Dear Guruji, Thank you for your valuable directions and suggestion. It was a great pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to see you again. Thank & Regards 4th January, 2018 ”
Savitaa Mishra
“ Very kind of Pandit ji ti give me a long hearing and enough time. As expected he was accurate and explained things very well. I must say that I'm a satisfied person as I'm leaving his office. 17 November 2016 ”
Sagar Utagi
“ One word to describe Panditji is GOD. I was afraid I learnt being fearless. Great human indeed GOD. I can say my future is safe. Thanks Panditji 7th June 2018 ”
Shivam Sanjivan Salunke

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