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Horoscope for the 2009 year Dog

Dogs Personality

The Dog is the most likeable sign in the Chinese zodiac. Like his animal namesake, he is loyal with a capital "L". He is the one, who people are most likely to turn to when they need help, and the dog person will come through every time. That is because the dog person is sensitive to others and empathizes with them, particularly if someone has suffered an injustice, reacting quickly with the same feeling, as though he/she had been personally offended. Friends value these qualities, and know that they can rely upon their dog friend to keep a promise or remain cool in a crisis. Dog types are honest, intelligent and straightforward. They will take on any responsibility that is given to them and you can be sure that they will do their job conscientiously and well.

Dog people are often born old and get younger as they age. They take everything very serious. You may hear the Dog complains a lot about street lamps, about traffic, or about weather, but as he gets older, the less he takes his own criticisms seriously.

Such type of people have a great sense of integrity and fair play. They are idealistic, and dreamers to the core. They never really accept the fact that injustice and oppression can exist in the world. As a result people born in this year tend to be easily upset and shocked more often than the other more realistic zodiac types. There is certainly a pessimistic side to their character and their spirit is drained when they hear of situations beyond their control, such as natural or human disasters. It is natural for the dog person to long for everything to be done in the best possible way and he/she is often anxious about the potential problems that may occur with him/her or those who around. It is very important for dog person to avoid worrying about problems that have not even materialized yet. There is no doubt that these people have a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but they should learn to relax and realize that it is impossible to control everything.
Dogs Love Affairs

Person born in the year of the dog tends to enter a relationship where everything is balanced, where both partners can give as well as take. He/she is usually very generous and loyal, and when in love, honest and straightforward. But the dog person will never run out of the romantic problems, and this is only his/her problem - he/she leads himself by his emotional instability and inner eternal anxiety. In other words, these people are worriers.

The dog person finds it more suitable to form a friendship first and let it slowly develop into a romance, but if committed he/she will be loving and faithful and will not be slow to defend his/hew partner. He/she can become too possessive and protective, but generally he/she is open and trusting of his/her mate. Generally, by nature this personality is generous, uncomplicated and very easy to love. The dog person is not prone to complaining or to comparing in his/her romantic relationships. In his/her eyes, the person he/she loves can do no wrong, and if your partner born in this year, you should know that all he/she wants is to be by your side- through all the good times as well as the bad.
Dogs Career

People born in the year of the dog are worth relying upon. They act responsibly, and can be trusted with sensitive information. It is important to for them to have a clear sense of the job description and its final aim, but they understood everything properly, they are reliable and steady workers. The dog person is able to share and look after the interests of his friends and colleagues at work, and as a champion of peace, harmony and friendship, he/she will listen to the woes of other people, never refuse to offer them a shoulder to cry on and sympathizes with them about their problems.

Usually, the dog personality does not judge his/her friends and colleagues and will accept them with all their imperfections. The dog person will only critical and outspoken when someone breaks their promises or deceive him. Although the dog person can be hesitant - particularly if he/she faces a sudden deadline - he/she is able to work well as a member of a team, but is also an accessible leader.

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It was nice meeting Panditji. He gave me guidance for my future.the points he told to me were very important.i have started all my work as he said. Thank you panditji for your blessings. 25th November, 2017

Anand Balai