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Worshipping Forefathers

Worshipping Forefathers

Worshipping Forefathers

‘‘Shradhya Dhitye SHRADHAM’’ which is offered with pure feeling, with given, happening is called SHRADDH.For example: A child does something great in his/her life & get felicitated & this honour goes directly to his/her parents. In the same way by our self with feeling, offering, donating & offering food to Brahmins reaches to those who have left for heaven. In these 15 days we remember them & on their behalf offering their liking delicacy to Brahmins & poors.
The Sanskrit word ‘Shraddh’ refers to the ritual performed by Hindus in order to offer homage to one’s deceased ancestors (Pitru). ‘Shraddh’ also means ‘Shraddha’ which stands for unconditional, limitless reverence. The sons or the grandsons of the departed person pay respectful homage to their deceased parents & grandparents. It’s believed that after performing these rituals the soul of the dead relative is appeased.
The way we offer Aahuti in Havan, it goes directly to angles. It’s been called offerings. In the same way for the sake of ancestors any donation, any offerings reaches departed souls, which is called rituals. Like offering food to Brahmin, offering food to cows, offering flowers & milk in water, offering sweets to departed souls.
These 15 days of Mahalaya is called ancestral time. It’s time of departed souls. These 15 days we believe that departed souls comes on earth & blesses you & Brahma ask you to access your ancestral blessings in these 15 days. We should take care of these rituals constantly in order to live peacefully. You can receive lots of positive energy through their blessings. The sacred Maha tarpan ritual can please your ancestors. Not only in Hindus but also in some other religions they visit their ancestral graveyards & offer them chirag, flowers & donate ample of things which their ancestors/departed souls used to like in their lives; in Islam rituals they call it Shabe barat.
There are many benefits which we will elaborate:

If you worship them every day; it’s very good for your family happiness.
Date wise we are giving you some tips to make it more ritualistic:

Shraddh period is starting from 23rd Sep 2010 – 7th Oct 2010

1.Mahalya Shraddh is first day of Shraddh which gives lot of wealth,Forefathers blessed you to be   wealthy & whatever they couldn’t earn they bless you that you will earn.
Donate Curd on this day.

2.Dwitiya Shraddh gives you long life & blesses you to be away from all sorts of diseases.
Donate fruits & milk.

3.Tritiya Shraddh blesses you with the basic property & whatever business/service you are into; you get  blessings of your Forefathers for growth.

4.Chaturthi Sharddh – On this day you should observe fast (upvas) for the sake of your forefathers & donate 7 type of food to Brahmin or among the poors.Food can be Chapati, Chawal, 2 to 3 types of vegetables, dal raita & papad.

5.Panchami Shraddh is the day when forefathers from five generations grants you prosperity all over,    let it be wealth,health,business,family happiness & children’s education.
Donate Milk, Mal Pua & curd rice among Brahmins/poor.

6.Shasthi Shraddh is a Shraddh if you perform sincerely, believe me your reputation will enhance, if you are a politician connected with masses having direct interaction with public then this Shraddh is very important for you, call a Pandit to perform puja & Havana for the departed family member. After that give him swarna mudra/silver coin. Make him eat Halwa – Puri & pray in front of Lord Vishnu to make your departed forefathers to be in peace. This type of ritual will bless you forever.

7.Saptami Shraddh is a Shraddh which will strengthen your writing skill, acting skill & if you are into the field of glamour then it will really work for you.
 If possible donate yellow cloths, yellow metal & moti choor along with Dakshina.

8.Ashtami Shraddh is a Shraddh which will enhance your intelligence. If you are in the field of education, share market or a speaker then it’s very good for you.
 If possible donate dry fruits like Badam, Cashew nuts & pista.

9.Navmi Shraddh is a Sharadhh which you should perform for your grandmother or women who are departed in your family. In reciprocation you will see your wife, daughter, daughter-in-law will be very supportive & lucky for you.
Donate sari to Brahmin’s wife & donate food & dakshina to Brahmin. You can also visit Goddess Lakshmi’s Temple & offer the same.     

10. Dashmi Shraddh is going to help you in your engineering, if you are a skilled  worker, an engineer or a surgeon, it will help you to enhance your skills.
Donate 10 type of food including fruits.

11.Ekadashi Shraddh is a fast when you should observe fast. If somebody has passed away untimely then you should pray for that soul.
Donate bread, butter, milk & boiled rice on this day.

12.Dwadashi Shraddh will help you for further education & if you would like to start a school/college or university it will help y ou.Particulary if you have some stomach problem then you should pray for your health.

13.Trayodashi & Chaturdashi is a very precious & both the mahurat’s comes on one single day. You can pray for the people who have died in accidents, natural disasters or sudden death. Their should would rest in peace, if you pray for them. If one has lost their childrens, they can pray for their soul to be in peace. This Shraddh is for peace & longevity.
Donate raw food like rice, wheat, whear flour, Salt, Sugar & cooking oil.

14.Sarv Pirtu Amavasya is been called Dev Pitr & Sarv Pitr Amavasya.If you miss any of the above 14 days then you can perform the Shraddh on this day. First of all you should pray to God & then to your forefathers. You can pray saying that ‘I include all the departed souls & pray for their souls to rest in peace.’ On this day you should do ‘Tarpan’ & take a dip in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati & Godavari. You can pray for known & unknown souls. Particularly the people who died in war, you can pray & offer food for them.
Donate anything & everything on this day like food, clothes etc.
There are certain prayers which we can perform after looking at your horoscope like Pitru dosh, kaal sarp dosh, Shani Mahatamaya , Mahalaya & all types of Shraddh puja.For that contact us on

To your Health, Wealth and Happiness.                 

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was a staunch non-believer in anything beside the physical world until I meet Panditji (that’s what I call Shri Sharma) . His in depth knowledge of Astrology made me believe that it is a science as certain prediction and transparent as medical science to those who have and possess such in depth knowledge as Panditji. For those who do not believe in it this is a good place to wake up to the reality of a world beyond what is physical and can be seen. I m sure Panditji will convince you. Date : 8/5/2005

Sohil. P. Kusumgar