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The Blast Astrology Conference 2008

The Blast Astrology Conference 2008

16 - 21 September 2008 - 


Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ, USA.

This is a 6-Day Conference with each day devoted to one type of astrology.

Organized by:

Essence of Astrology, LLC, President Moses Siregar III. Speakers include: Robert Blaschke, Chris Brennan, Joseph Crane, Benjamin Dykes, Meira Epstine, Steven Forrest, Adam Gainsburg, Demetra George, Sam Geppi (Sadasiva), Michelle Gould, Dorian Greenbaum, Rob Hand, Deborah Houlding, Jeff Jawer, Rick Levine, Curtis Manwaring, Maria Mateus, Ray Merriman, Kenneth D Miller, Dennis Harness, Maurice Fernandez, Eric Meyers, Joni Patry, Jonathan Pearl, Phipps, Moses Siregar III, Gloria Star, Richard Tarnas, Scott Wolfram, more
to come .

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My name is Nutan Nevrakar. I visited to Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma sir, in the month of January. I approaches for my various problems. I am satisfied about his predictions. I am thankful. I will thankful to sir Pandit Raj Kumar Sharma. - - 17/12/2015

Nutan Nevrakar