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Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair

The Pushkar Fair- Pushkar, Rajasthan, is one of the largest camel and Cattle fairs in and one of its kind in the world. For the Hindus, the town of Pushkar , is considered among the holiest of towns in . Pushkar at any given time, is full of pilgrims coming to seek darshan, to offer prayers at the local temples – the most famous temple being the Brahma Temple .

Indeed, life here at Pushkar,  revolves around these temples and ghats, as also the vibrant bazaars. However, Pushkar takes on a very different character each year during the much anticipated camel & cattle fair, famous worldwide  as the Pushkar Fair. Between 5th - 13th November 2008. Thousands of people- cattle traders, shopkeepers, merchants, dancers, musicians and artisans among them- congregate at Pushkar for the Pushkar Fair, besides holding the distinction of being India’s largest cattle fair, the Pushkar fair is a memorable cocktail of sights, smells and sounds which bring together everything Rajasthani. Pushkar’s narrow lanes are the scene for hectic trade and barter, for merrymaking and rejoicing- and despite the fact that the increasing commercialisation of the Pushkar Mela , as the Pushkar camel and cattle fair is called locally has made it a whole lot more touristy than before, Pushkar and Pushkar fair continues to be a delightful experience.

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I meet shri Rajkumar Sharmaji I am very much satisfied with his prediction. God May bless him 7th May, 2018

Rajkumar Agarwal