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Major Astrology Events in May 2008

Major Astrology Events in May 2008
Venus trines Pluto on May 1st, 2008; Venus trines Saturn on May 2nd 2008

This is a perfect period for analyzing financial strategies and to churn your portfolio. Launching new publicity campaigns/ advertisement campaigns, meeting influential persons to seek their support for your projects, ending troublesome relationships and establishing new relationships on a fresh and optimistic note, and remodeling/ redecorating your office space/ home are some activities that are highly auspicious during this time-window that extends till May 7th, 2008.

Saturn turns direct on May 3rd, 2008 in the 8th degree of sidereal Leo sign.; Mercury quincunxes Pluto and squares Saturn on the same day.

This degrees is symbolized as “An aureole of clouds in the midst of which appears a triangle of flame; an eye appears within the triangle.”

Intuitive urges are likely to be high during this period. You should follow your hunches and heed your inner voices during this period without any doubt. You are not likely to be at your logical best now, but intuition and hunches will compensate for that. A child born during this period will be blessed with exalted psychic potential, spiritual faculties, and with a mind that is just, aspiring, and noble. Parents should nurture the spiritual tendency of the child and channel it along noble causes and traditions (if left unchecked, these psychic tendencies might degrade into an unnecessary obsession with the dark arts of occult! So, parents of these children have a great responsibility).

Mercury quintiles Uranus, and Venus quintiles Neptune on May 5th, 2008

This is a perfect period for tabling your innovative schemes before influential persons in an effort to win their approval. Be alert and keep your eyes and ears open for tips regarding your current activities, as suggestions from the most unlikely of sources will prove lucrative during this period. If conventional methods have failed to elicit the desired response, it is time to switch over to more dynamic plans and strategies. This is a perfect period for mystic research, beginning creative ventures like beginning shooting of a film, writing novels, penning poems, drawing, sculpting, designing, etc.

Mercury sesquiquadrates Jupiter on May 7th, 2008

Avoid over-ambitious ventures for the time-being. Handle legal and corporate matters with more finesse and tact, while at the same time taking care not to give in to the pressure tactics of your opponents or other negotiators. When in doubt, always fall back on tried and tested tactics. Avoid taking unnecessary risks in business. Students should avoid distractions and focus harder on their lessons.

Jupiter turns regrograde on May 9th, 2008 in the 29th degree of Sagittarius

This degree is symbolized as “A Hare.” This is the symbol of a mind that is both cultured and timid, yet possessed of considerable moral force , and remarkable physical energy and agility.

There is danger of misuse of faculties which may drive oneself into dangerous paths and ultimate self-destruction. You should think twice before doing anything during this period. Accidents are likely to be more common now; so abundant caution should be exercised if you happen to be driving vehicles during this period of Jupiter retrograde (which extends for quite some time in the near future). Children born under such retrograde Jupiter (especially with this degree significance) should be taught the importance of self-discipline and orderly though processes because otherwise, they may lose their way due to the innate conflicts of their nature. On the one hand, they will be too straight-forward and have great sense of conviction; on the other hand, they may lack the drive to assert themselves in the face of opposing circumstances, and may prefer to take the line of least resistance. It is important to train these children in practical tasks and in the technique of gentle assertion which will help them to be successful adults in the future.

Venus sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter on May 18th, 2008

Romance can bloom in the most unlikely of circumstances during this period. If you are a savvy investor, quick buying or selling of stocks for profit is possible now. Sudden developments in business may help you to chalk out strategies to boost your finances considerably. This is a good time for concluding important business negotiations on terms that are acceptable and beneficial to all parties concerned.

Venus squares Neptune on May 20, 2008; Jupiter sextiles Uranus on May 21st, 2008

This is a period when relationship matters should be approached with more care. Promiscuous behaviour and irresponsible flirtations might affect harmony of settle relationships. Financial matters should also be handled more carefully. Rash speculations fired by unqualified greed and egoistic financial decisions might prove very damaging to financial prospects. However, if you have planned your moves carefully, this could be the right time to give the final blow to outwit your opponents in business and steal the thunder right before their eyes.

Mercury and Neptune turn retrograde on 26th May 2008

Matters related to export business, overseas travel, and businesses concerning oil/ show-biz should be dealt with more caution and care. Nothing should be taken for granted in these matters as sudden jolts might be expected in these sectors. It is best to be extremely cautious in business matters and if possible, to avoid new ventures completely during this period. Relationship matters also continue to be under sensitive planetary influence.

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