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Living a Soul Directed Life

Living a Soul Directed Life

Living a Soul Directed Life & Union with Your Sacred Heart

Two Life-Changing Workshops - One Exceptional Day!

Come and have your soul purpose take flight
Come and have your heart's desire fulfilled
Come and let your soul gifts find magnification
Co-create with Spirit's wealth to give birth to the creation of YOU
Come to the ocean for expansion and renewal

This highly experiential workshop will show you how to use your intuitive wisdom as the key to manifesting your soul purpose.

Learn the secret to a soulful, expanded life!

* Join us to ignite your Soul's voice and let it sing and dance in your life!
* Discover how to let your life expression be a reflection of your soul's guidance.
* Discover how to move forward in life in a way that uses all of your gifts and purposes.

Living a Soul Directed Life Workshop will teach you how to listen with accuracy to your true intuitive guidance system inherent within you that comes from a place of innocent perception combined with a sense of expanded connection to all knowledge and wisdom needed in any moment.
•Date:April 9, 2011
•Location: Marina del Rey, California, USA
•Venue: Burton Chace Park Community Center
•Address: 13650 Mindanao Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292
•Time: 9:30 AM
•Price: $65.00 USD
•Contact Info: Susann Taylor Shier

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Panditji se milkar bahot achha laga. Unhone bahot si bate bina kahe bata di (19th December 2018)

Dularesh Jain