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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti
Hanuman is personified as the perfect bhakt (devotee) - his devotion to Shri SitaRam and Lahksman is unwavering and forever strong. There are many festivities that take place on this date, some celebrate the saturday before, Monday and Tuesday. There are also many mandirs around the world that are dedicated to Hanuman - from Trinidad (pictured above bathing with milk) to the US and Haryana, India (went to this Mandir in India..) and even the blessed Ayodhya! People pray to Hanuman for protection as noted in the Hanuman Chalisa, but also for great bhakti! We should always increase our devotion to the lord as we will find great happiness in this path, and Hanuman Ji is always happy as every breath is dedicated with, "Shri Ram"! The power of Hanuman Ji has no bounds, just like his Bhakti Hanumans strength knows no bounds when he praises the Name of Shri Ram.

There are many side stories associated with Hanuman...I think my favorite ones are when his coming on earth was predicted and talked about before his Jayanti.. I heard some beautiful words from a nice pundit during a ShivRatri satsang in my local mandir. He explained a story about Ravana's meeting at Mount Kailash. Ravana was walking to Mount Kailash and came across Nandi (Lord Shiva's Vehicle...Note: Nandi also taught Hanuman the knowledge of the Vedas and how to be humble ..). When Ravana saw Nandi, he deeply insulted the pure and humble bull by saying, "You are ugly and have the Face of A Monkey!", when Nandi heard this, deep sorrow came beyond measure..Nandi was so afflicted and pained by this comment, as this was Ravana's goal to instill hurt and pain into people as it increased his pride... But as Nandi weped and was afflicted by the laughter and hatred, Lord Shiva felt the pain of Nandi. As a pure and true devotee of Lord Shiva is always dear to his heart. Lord Shiva looked at Ravana and said, "Oh Ravana, a time will come when a Monkey will come and bring that same sorrow that Nandi is feeling to you". Ravana of course did not listen as his ego surpressed a fortelling of the truth. Long behold, that day came as Hanuman burnt the city of Lanka - And yes these photos can be seen of Lanka till this date. I will try to post more side stories, as these help us to understand things with love. Jai Hanuman!

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated in Vaishakh Month in many South Indian regions especially in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and some parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Astrologically, It is believed that after Lord Ram Jayanti (Sri Ram Navami), Goddess Sita Jayanti (Janaki Navami), Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated. Hanuman was born on Purvabhadra nakshatram.

In other regions, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Chaitra Purnima, during Diwali, and in Margali masam (Margashirsh month).

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Great to meet Panditji again. Very encouraging and positive person, sharp mind, excellent memory and very warm. Hoping for the great results he has forseen for us. 16 August,2017

Tejvir Paintal