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Ganesh Jayanthi

Ganesh Jayanthi
Ganesh Jayanthi,popularly known as the 'Maghi Ganesh Jayanti',is the day when the Ganesha frequencies reached the Earth for the first time.This is the birth-day of God Ganesha,which falls on the fourth day of "Shukla Paksha" of Magh Month as per traditional Marathi Calendar ie the fourth day of bright fortnight).This is a very auspicious day ( Angara Yog).This corresponds to the months Jan-Feb of Gregorian calendar.

It is an important festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha ,especially in Maharashtra.It is also known as Til kund Chaturthi, Winter Vinayaka Chaturthi,Magh Shkla Chaturthi and Varad Chaturthi.This festival of Ganesha is also called as the Tilo Chauth or Sakat Chauthis in Uttar Pradesh,where Ganesha is invoked on behalf of the son of a family.

On the festival day, an image of Ganesha, in symbolic conical form is made out of or sindhoor powder or cowdung(in villages) and worshipped. On the fourth day,it is immersed in water,after the festival.

Food prepared from Til (sesame) is eaten on that day.A special preparation made of sesame seeds called 'Sesame Modaks', is offered to Ganesha and then distributed to the devotees.A fast is observed during worship during the day time followed by feasting in the night as a part of the rituals.

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Aaj maja jivanatla khup avisarniya kshan hota. Karan jyancha badal mi fakta Sachin siran kadun aykale hote aaj tyana pratekshat pahele va tyancha anubhav samjun ghetla. Mala aaj ase vatle ki me khup dhanya aahe asha lokan barobar kaam kart aahe . pandit sharma yani maja aaushatli vegali kalatani denari gosht mala sangitli te agadi barobar aahe jya goshti pasun me khup dur hoto te goshat mala milali. Sachin sirancha aani Sharma siracha me khup aabhari aahe ( 19th February 2018 )

Balasaheb Shankar Satkar