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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Definition

A simple Feng Shui definition could be "the study of the influence of forms, space and time of an environment on humanity".

The literal translation of the Chinese words "Feng Shui" mean "Wind and Water".

Heaven, Humanity, Earth

Ancient Chinese had a concept of three levels of spiritual influences on man: Heaven, Humanity, Earth. We are born with our "Heaven luck" which we learn from our astrology, we control our "Humanity Luck" by our deeds, and we work our "Earth Luck" by observing the Feng Shui of our living environment.

Each of these three influences are important. Before one embarks on the study of Feng Shui, one should understand that observing Feng Shui alone cannot guarantee overall good luck.

Good Feng Shui in the living environment will bring a flow of luck together with good deeds in a good astrological luck cycle. If one is going through a rough patch due to a poor astrological luck cycle, observing good Feng Shui can alleviate harms. This is the reason why different people living in the same house, or working in the same office all have different experiences.

Feng Shui is about Harmony

Too often, people use the words "Feng Shui Cures". Feng Shui is not a sickness to seek "cures" for. Rather, the best way to improve Feng Shui of a place is by creating harmony. Trying to "cure" a bad spot can prove more of a detriment.

Harmony is the key to effective Feng Shui practice. There should be harmony to the flying stars in a space. More importantly, there must be harmony to the eyes. There is no point putting a fixture, or decorating a place which is an eyesore just for the sake of Feng Shui. That is a narrow approach, which is often not effective.

Adopt a sense of intuition when considering the Feng Shui of a space.

Feng Shui is Dynamic

Time is a factor in Feng Shui. Every day, month, year and 20-year cycle, changes and affects the Feng Shui of a living space.

Renewal is always necessary, especially during the change of a 20 year cycle.

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