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This origin of gems as given in the scriptures may appear not more than a mere high flight of imagination to the modern physicists, but no one can refute the logic behind this origin. Even the modern science describes about the existence of eighty-four different kinds of specific stones in nature. Now their existence is a universal truth regardless of how these stones came into being. The earth is the mine of all the gems and jewels hence it is also called as Ratnagarbha (mother of all the jewels).


Gems and jewels are basically stones but they are not easily and universally available as ordinary stones are. From time immemorial, stones have been affecting our life either directly or indirectly. Building of temple, idols of the deity, near the railway tracks and the building of our own house we see scores of varied uses of stones. This is a world of stones literally.

There will hardly be a country in the world where stones are not found. Now even the ordinary stones come in scores of varieties. Some are highly expensive while others are comparatively cheap. But each of them has their own independent existence. Not one stone can be given a lower value and that is why every kind of stone has its own use.

Gemstones are inherently expensive and cannot be put in menial uses. Almost all of them have some latent power often called divine power. These gemstones are not universally available also. Due to their peculiar appearance, brilliance and colour, these gemstones draw our attention and tempt us to wear or possess them.

Even the experts world over agree regarding the total number of gemstones and recognize eighty-four kinds of different gemstones. But only nine of them are recognized as the main gems, while the rest seventy-five gems come under the sub-gem category. But those seventy-five minor kinds of gems too have some latent power. Often some sub-gems surpasses the main gems in qualities.

In India, nine major types of gems have been used more traditionally. But as the trade and commerce of our country increased with others, we gained more knowledge about lesser varieties of gemstones as well. Our learned experts analyzed them deeply and discovered many practical applications of these jewels. Thus, the use of seventy-five lesser kinds of stones also saw a fare and square increase. Lets first of all be familiar with the names of these gemstones.

The names of these gemstones:
  1. Amber.
  2. Akik(Agate).
  3. Abari.
  4. Amalia.
  5. Alemani.
  6. Udak.
  7. Upal(Opal).
  8. Alexendrite.
  9. Casoti (Touch stone)
  10. Kaharava.
  11. Calaline.
  12. Kataila (Amethyst)
  1. Kurund.
  2. Kakarnili.
  3. Kuduratta.
  4. Khara.
  5. Gomed (Hassonite)
  6. Godanta.
  7. Gauti.
  8. Gudari.
  9. Cheeta (Vyaghraksha or Tiger's eye)
  10. Chumbak (Magnet)
  11. Jaharmohara (Soap stone)
  12. Jaje Mani.
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    • Ravi Kant
      Ravi Kant

      very good

      12/1/2014 6:05:35 PM 0

    This query is about my career/job. I have earlier asked you about child and husband`s career. You always help me with precise and clear answers. I was working in the field of computers from 2000-2009 in Mumbai. Then shifted to Bangkok as with husband but have not been abole to find a job since last one year. They prefer local people. I desperately want to start working but I am losing my confidence due to the gap. Should I do an MBA part time from reputable university to enhance my skills? Is it worth spending so much money. Should I look to starting my own venture. I need your guidance.