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25th History of Astrology Conference

25th History of Astrology Conference

This year, to celebrate the 25th annual History of Astrology seminar we've expanded it to a weekend conference.As the oldest astrological organisation in the world, the Astrological Lodge of London provides a focus for a dynamic and lively community of astrologers. It seeks to further astrological education in its broadest sense and is an Educational Charity whose aim is the study of astrology in all its branches.

This is the 25th History of Astrology annual conference.

Programme:The programme is as follows:

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October 2008

A whole weekend seminar exploring various aspects of the History of Astrology.


Claire Chandler - Mundane Astrology in the run up to World War II
Ben Dykes – What is New in Traditional Astrology?
Jennifer Cole - The Cycles of the Natural World in the Development of Science and Mysticism
Prudence Jones - The Moon and the Cosmic Strata
Chris Brennan - The Katarche of Horary


Jane Ridder-Patrick - The Astrology of King James VI of Scotland & James I of England and Ireland
Maurice McCann - An Expose of the Misconceptions in Liber III of Guido Bonatti's Liber Astronomiæ.
Angela Voss - God or the Daemon? Platonic Astrology in a Christian Cosmos
Kim Farnell – Astrology and its relationship with the Law
Ben Dykes - Whole-sign and Quadrant houses: an Update.

Hosted By::
Astrological Lodge of London

London Resource Centre
365 Holloway Road
London, London and South East|66 N76PA
United Kingdom


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Aadharniya Guruji , Majha manapasun tumhala hrudayasparshi namaskar me shri Sanjay Morde vashi yethe rahat asun Shri Prakash More yancha madhyamatun tumhala bhetnyacha yog aala . me swatala khup nashivan samajto . sir la tumchi smurthi karnya sathi majakade shabdach nahit . me kharokharach tumhala bhetun yevda aanandi jhalo ki maja jivnala khup motha aatmavishwas milala . Me tumcha bheticha krupene swatala va maja kutumbala bhagyavan samajto . Tumcha aashirwad va margdarshan aamcha kutumbavar sadaiva rahel he apeksha karto. 26th October, 2017

Sanjay Morde