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1 in 4 city babies born in Oct, Nov

1 in 4 city babies born in Oct, Nov
Publication: The Times Of India Mumbai;     Date: Nov 27, 2011;     Section:
Front Page;     Page: 1         

1 in 4 city babies born in Oct, Nov

*Hemali Chhapia TNN *

Mumbai: There is something about this time of the year apart from the
promise of winter. In Mumbai, it’s the season for babies. One out of
every four little ones is born in the months of October or November,
stretching the healthcare delivery system. Data from the BMC’s birth
records show that November sees the maximum number of births in the
city. Last year, over 27,000 babies were born in November and more than
22,000 in October. In contrast, in the hot, sultry month of May only
around 9,000 babies were delivered (see box). Gynaecologists who have
witnessed this pattern for years can’t find any scientific reason to
explain the baby boom. Astrologers try to pin it on star-induced
increased sexual activity between mid-January and March while some claim
couples now plan pregnancies for children to be born under specific moon
signs. BABY BOOM Is it stars or just the timing?

Mumbai:Pawan Sinha, an astrologer, says Venus’s position from January 14
to March is conducive for conception. “This trend (having more births in
October and November) will be observed not just in Mumbai, but
throughout the Oriental countries. The mood is romantic during this time.”

    Dr Duru Shah, gynaecologist at Breach Candy Hospital, said she has
noticed a visible

leap in deliveries around the two months. Her hospital usually does not
register more than 105 mums-to-be a month. Last month, it catered to a
rush of 140. “Even when I was training about 25 years ago, we used to
cater to more pregnancies in October-November,” added Shah. Forwarding
her theory, Shah said more and more couples are planning their
pregnancies now. Those born in the eighth moon sign — Scorpio — are
known to be charismatic, powerful and persuasive, said astrologers,
adding that could be a reason why it is popular with parents-to-be.

    Maybe. In the previous years too, October and November accounted for
the maximum number of births in the city. Dr Y S Nandanwar, head of
gynaecology at Sion Hospital, said that earlier, doctors linked the
increase in deliveries during the onset of the winter months to the
auspicious marriage period that was close to 10 months ago.

    Sion hospital has been carrying out 50 deliveries a day in November.
In October, doctors carried out 40 deliveries a day on an average, said
Dr Shailesh Kore, assistant professor and the unit head there. “I can’t
explain why there is a rise in deliveries during these two months, but
we have seen this pattern for years,” he added.

    Astrologer Rajkumar Sharma said winter months are not conducive for
conception. “February and March symbolize the time when there is love in
the air. Lord Krishna performed r a a s le ela during that time; the
land is fertile and that is when the conception rate is very high.”

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Felt relaxed and good. He is gentle and soothing personality. The predictions he made were accurate. Thanking in Anticipation. 06/09/2018

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